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We have been tattooing in West London since 2008.

Our regular guest artists, who we have met through our years in the industry, just add to what we do, in particular our FMT Mallorca crew.

With our talented artists and atmospheric shop, we aim to make your experience as comfortable and unique as possible so you can walk away with the perfect tattoo.

Every tattoo that we do is unique and one-of-a-kind. We will start with a design or idea, and create a sketch of what you want. We will work with you, giving our professional advice, until you are happy with it. There are no shortcuts in our tattoo process! Tattoos are our passion, and our profession!

Remember that although we try to fit in walk-ins, we work by appointment only, so if you want to make sure you get spot come in to the shop to book an appointment or email us to book a consultation.

Forevermore Tattoo
Diogo "Xico" Melo

Diogo "Xico" Melo, the co-founder of FMT, has been tattooing since 2000, specialising Japanese and American Traditional tattoo .

Forevermore Tattoo
Jo Szwedzinski

Jo Szwedzinski , the co-founder of FMT, specialising in Traditional tattoo with a twist.

Forevermore Tattoo
Gaston Gromnicki

Gaston Gromnicki, Realism colour, black and grey, cover ups and much more. See his amazing portfolio

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